Time for businesses to consider the future and star gaze.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R Buckminster Fuller

This is primarily a “self-help website”, designed to help the reader:

  • See things differently.
  • To ask themselves the right questions.
  • To gain a basic understanding of some of today’s business jargon and their implications.
  • Seek out opportunities.
  • Avoid conflict and create a positive culture.
  • To work “on” his/her business by using the simple process of “3CirclesofSuccess”.

It is a content website, no expensive graphics or huge investment. Its value is in its content and in its ease of being updated and evolving.

The author:

James Banham Qualified as a chartered accountant in 1984, and has spent his professional life delivering support to SMEs, with particular emphasis on the development and delivery of services to help entrepreneurs to build resilient businesses driven by their strengths and aspirations. The power of coaching in its purest sense, helping the client to establish their own way forward and taking ownership of their plan, became clear, but how could it be adapted for businesses where there were multiple people involved, often of differing ages and with differing personal objectives? From this question the 3CirclesofSuccess gradually evolved.

With more and more of the traditional accountancy services being taken over by technology and with change not only becoming the norm but happening at an ever-faster rate, it became apparent that businesses needed very different support today to what they needed in the past. This website is designed to raise awareness and help businesses to think differently, and not only look for solutions but also for the opportunities that every challenge provides.

James qualified with Lovewell Blake, spent a short period in industry before returning to practise. In 1989 he became a partner in the Norwich office of the then National firm Stoy Hayward, in 1992 he was part of a team that set up Banham Graham, a small independent firm. In 2012 Banham Graham merged with Lovewell Blake. Now retired from practise, James is concentrating not only on developing new support services that focus on helping businesses to find, develop and exploit their opportunities, but also working closely with his clients and going on their journey with them.

A website for today’s business challenges: 

They are calling it “The fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR), whilst there is nothing new about change, the first industrial Revolution started around 1800, we have been experiencing radical change for more than 200 years, what is new and different today is the speed of change, the world is getting faster and faster.

At the same time that the world is changing at such a rapid rate, the basic instincts of man are just the same as they were when we lived in the jungle. The feeling of fear and threat if not handled carefully can be a major problem to businesses as they strive to incorporate a culture of change into their business models. Today’s leaders will be facing new challenges and need to be alert to today’s dynamic markets and adept at moving with them.

To this end no one person has all the answers and for many of the challenges that businesses face today there are no proven answers, so advice may be hard to come by. You could say that this website is based on Socratic principles:

  • Establish the challenge
  • Work out the right questions.
  • Then find the answers.

The website introduces and explains some of the more common business jargon and concepts which writers and advisors are using in respect of the 4IR. It covers areas and realities which, whilst they may be hard to face, are never the less very much a consequence of the age we live in.  You may not agree with all that is written, you may not agree with any of it, but if at least it makes you formalise your reasons for not agreeing then it will have served a purpose.

It costs nothing to find out: 

Should there be anything you read that you would like to explore further or any issues which you would like to discuss please use the contact page, it costs nothing to complete and it will help me to gain a deeper understanding into the challenges businesses are facing and you never know it may just help you on your way.

Website format:

The website is divided into four sections:

The website has been set up more as a web book. You can view it as one book or four short books or you can dart in and out of the separate pages. Where pages refer to other pages, links have been incorporated to those pages. Each section or book has its own introductory page, beneath which are direct links to the individual sections. Alternatively you can just click on the “Next page” and read it as a book. Enjoy.

James Banham

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